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Shri Govind Bhagvatpadacharya

Govindeshvar Gupha


The Govindeshvar Gupha (cave) is the place where Guru Govinda Bhagavatpadacarya resided and performed penances.  His Holiness Jagatguru Jayendra Saraswatiji at great cost renovated both the Gupha and temple in 1989.

Entrance to Govindeshvar Gupha (cave) 2003

Shoes must be left at the entrance to the Govindeshvar Gupha


Jagat Guru Sankaracharya offering water of Mother Narmada to his holy guru Shri Govindacharya (sitting in Samadhi position in the Gupha)


Holy view of Shri Ganesha above the entrance to the Govindeshvar Gupha

Black cloth, flowers and red paint adorns the statue Hanuman

Stone sculpture is mounted by Kanchi Kamkoti Peeth showing Shri Sankaracharya and his holy guru in the gupha

Statue of Shri Govind Bhagvatpadacharya installed by Kaanchi Kamkoti Peeth Sewa Trust inside gupha


Shri Sankaracharya offering water of holy river Narmada

Lord Shiva subdues Ravana (by his right toe) trying to uplift Kailasa, portraying a famous Hindu legend


Stone columns inside Gupha have intricate carvings telling a story.  The Nymph (apsaras) is holding a parrot in her right hand and fruit in her left hand.

This Nymph is holding a camari, a whisker made of antelope tail

Tambrpatram, old leaves believed to belong to Shri Govindacharya - the Guru of Shri Sankaracharya, are kepts in such poor condition just laying inside of the gupha

Small Shrine inside of Gupha


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