OM Holy Book One - OM: One God Universal

A collection of selected Scriptures and writings on OM, Aksara and Pranava -- an Anthology


OM Holy Book Two - Vivekananda Kendra Patrika - Vol. 22 No. 2: August 1993 -A Garland of Holy Offerings


OM Holy Book Three - OM: One God Universal Read & Realize (A Select Bibliography)


OM Holy Book Four - OM: At Home In America (Svami Rama Tirtha Enlightens) Presents the glorification of OM

OM Holy Book Five - Omkara Mandhata Mukti Dharma: A Paradise for Pilgrims. The sacred island symbolizing universal OM, a home for one of the dozen dazzling Jyortilingas of Shiva Shankar Mahadeva. - $20.00


OM Holy Book Six - Om ityetad Aksharam idam Sarvam -- Mandukya - $20.00


OM Holy Book Seven - Adi Shankara at Mandhata & Mahishmati - $15.00


OM Holy Book Eight - Ashvattha is Shri Krishna - $5.00


OM Holy Book Nine - Mahati Mahishmati Mahan Maheshara - $16.00


OM Holy Book Ten - Mahishmati Mahatmya: An Ancient City of India Glorified - original Sanskrit Text with Hindi Translation  - $20.00


OM Holy Book Eleven - Pranavakalpa - Ancient Sanskrit Classic - $6.00


OM Holy Book Twelve - Siddhavarakuta (Digambara Jaina Siddhakshetra) - $6.00


OM Holy Book Thirteen - Siddheshvara Shivalaya - $9.00



Universal Laws of Interpretation - Explanation of LNR, LNS, LNJ publications below.


LNR - Laukikanyayaratnakara

LNS - Laukikanyayasangraha

LNJ - Laukikanyayanjali (Jacob) Ancient Wisdom of India


DKN - Asa Don Dickinson

DKN II - The Panjab after Dickinson

BK - Dhrmakirti: Pramanavartika? (to be checked)

BRAHMA - A collection of contributions from various authors

BDN - William Alanson Bordon (1853 - 1931) - 1st American library pioneer in British India, India's literary emancipator

BLN - Bilhana's Vikramankadevaca - Best historical poems in Sanskrit literature

SYJ - Sayajirao Gaikwad - The Father of the Library Movement in India

SLN - Sanskrit Librarian Comes to America - a collection of papers in the fields of Sanskrit literature, library science and Indo-American cultural cooperation

SCN - Scene or HIL - Indian Library Scene As Seen At the Dawn of Independence

Tulip Subject Index: "Dedicated to the human brains created by God Almighty and their combined creations: mechanical brains of modern computer technology"
                     -- Dr. Murari Lal Nager

OTM - Outcome (of Tulip Project)

TLP - Tulip: The Universal/Union List of Indian Periodicals

TST - Test (The Eternal Saga of Tulip) It is there

TLS - Tulasi--The Union Listing for Accessing Serials Internationallly

TEMPLES - India's temples in America

ISHTA "Most Beloved"- India's Seven Holistic TEMPLES in America







The following source books by Drs. Murari & Sarla Nagar are available through University of Missouri - Ellis Library rare books collection or University's digital library online at: https://mospace.umsystem.edu 


To purchase electronic or hard copies of these OM Holy Books directly, please contact Linda Canestraight, Project Director at: canestraightl@missouri.edu


Many years of research on Om have brought forth these 13 Holy Books offered by the Nagar's and Associates.

Ellis Library - University of Missouri, Columbia MO

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