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Our first webpage omshanti was created at the University of Missouri.  This old site ( was removed on April 30, 2009.  We have

since created this new website to continue Dr. Nagar's personal projects.


What they of our old site:


Om Shanti, my dear blessed friends!

So rare in the millions and billions of web presences, to find the simple lotus, in such a

state of its blossoming to capture and sustain such a blessed web site. I congratulate you

all. Swami Gianni Rama XI


This is a very illuminating website presenting extensive information on OM both from

narrative and graphic standpoints. The authors are to be complimented for their creative

insight in designing this unique website. My compliments. Om Sehgal


I just loaded FLASH and can now see the splendid graphics. This website is a journey

through the heart of OM. Kamalee (Kathy Strickland)


Dr. Murari Lal Nagar, who has the most exhaustive site in the world on OM is interested

in the photograph [of Mount Mandhata] and would like to exhibit it on his site. His site is

the most unique site on Om and spiritual matters. Dr. Vikram Pattarkine


The home page of Om Shanti is thought provoking. Very cleverly designed. Om chanting

could be a good background for this excellent piece. Ramesh Khanna, M.D.


I am impressed with the depiction of OM "it seems to capture the essence of OM very

well. Dr. & Mrs. Nagar have worked very hard to unravel the different interpretations of

OM (among various other "preservation" and "dissemination" projects they have undertaken)". This is a fitting recognition of their efforts. Kudos to everyone involved in the project. Satish Nair


Om Shanti Mandiram has assembled, organized, edited, published, and distributed

some wholesome holy literature on OM in various forms more than any other organization

in the world as of today. Our total literary output by now exceeds 12,000 pages in

45 volumes, plus 15,000 enchanting pictures and some rare chanting music.By now our total monetary contribution exceeds $90,000!


We have done some work. However, much more still remains to be done. We are in

search of a young scholar, male or female, who would like to continue our work. We may

provide plentiful guidance and files still in need of improvements.  If someone is interested in doing work on his or her own, we will be very happy to accept all new offerings as a service to OM.


The Director of Projects is Linda Canestraight, University of Missouri.  She has worked hard at supporting our cause, dissemination and preservation of Indian culture for the world via the internet.  Linda traveled to India in 2003 to provide all photodocumentation for our last book on Omkara Mandhata.  She has become fully embraced by the spirit of OM and the Hindu culture.


A special event honoring Dr. Nagar's lifetime achievements was held Saturday August 10, 2013 at his residence.  Family, friends and staff from University came to celebrate the release of his last publication The Savitar: Vedic Sun God of Light and Learning Alights at the University of Missouri.


Photos of the celebration with Dr. Nagar


Special thanks to:

Dr. Murari Nagar & Dr. Sarla Nagar, for their years of hard work and devotion that has provided this web page with an abundance of writings to enlighten our minds and motivate our spirit.   

Linda Canestraight - Project Director, for her efforts in the organization of the publications and information to be presented, guidance for the student workers and maintenance of this web site. The 1st satellite image of Omkara Mandhata that we posted was researched by her to provide us with photo proof of the shape of the island being that of the Hindu OM symbol.  Her devotion to our work provided her with an opportunity to travel to India, March 2003. The photographs she brought back of this sacred island Omkara Mandhata to post on our web page are priceless.

Om Shanti Mandiram

Columbia, Mo. 

Memorials to Drs. Murari & Sarla Nagar

Sarla passed away Dec 30, 2010 

Murari passed away Jan 3, 2015

Read more at Sarla.....

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