A Collection of Temples, Shrines and holy relics at Omkara Mandhata

Offerings from devotees of OM photography credits.

Omkareshvara Temple - Shivapuri - main temple where 1st Jyotirlinga resides



Govindeshvara Gupha - location where Guru Govindapad resided and performed penances 



Gauri Somanatha Temple - Star shaped temple containing gigantic six foot Shivlinga



Rinamukteshvara Shrine - temple where pilgrims can offers gram pulse to absolve all debts unpaid in present or previous births



Chand-Suraj Dvar (Gate) - protected ancient monument with fine stone carvings



Muchukunda Dvar (Gate) - smaller gate on top of Mandhata Hill just beyond Chand-Suraj



Dharmaraj Dvars (Gates) - inner fort wall gates up Mandhata Hill



Ancient fort walls - western and inner fort walls of island



Ashapuri Temple - contains the family deity of the tribals and Rao family



Siddhnatha Temple - protected ancient monument, most inspiring temple



Pratoli - Watch Tower along the eastern fort wall



Bhima Arjuna Gate - gate of the eastern fort wall with statues of Bhima and Arjuna



Kunti Mata - Goddess and Mother to Bhima and Arjuna



Veer Khali Rook - Sacrificial rock



Govindeshvara Mandiram - young shishya Shankara became a sannyasii here



Markandeya Sanyasa Ashrama - 30 year old Ashram



Kedareshvara - small stone Shiva temple along the "Geeta Parikrama Path"






South Mandhata Temples & Shrines

Amareshvara Temple - temple wall contains the inscription of Mahims Stotra, 1063 A.D.



Vishnu Mandir - Vishnupuri - ancient stone temple



Vrihdheshvar Temple - Brahma Mandir - Brahmapuri - adjoins Mamleshvar temple



Annapurna Ashram - 35 foot tall statue of lord Krishna depicting the 'Virat Swarup'




Om Shanti Mandiram

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