Tricolors of India

Tricolors of France

Emilie (Amalee) Cremin

Visiting Mahakaleshvara Ujjain


Omkareshvara, A Holy City of The Narmada In the Course of Transformation - by Emilie Cremin - Memoir of a Geographer

email: emilie.cremin@gmail.com

Emilie Cremin - Geographer and research scholar at  the University of Paris 8 Vincennes, Saint-Denis

I study the interactions between nature and societies. My interest for cultural diversity and the biodiversity

pleases me with always associating my studies with activities on the land. My field work experiments enable

me to integrate myself in other cultures and other environments.

I am currently working on my Ph.D with a three year grant from my university on the subject of the adaption of societies to environmental change in the Brahmaputra flood plain, North-East India.

Miss Emilie Cremin, a great exponent and propagator of Omkareshvara,

Omkara Mandhata Mukti Dhama - A Paradise for Pilgrims

- Dr. Murari Nagar

Very important map of Omkara Mandhata Mukti Dhama - sacred site


Most extensive, authentic and valuable map prepared by a great Geographer who worked on site for several months.


A cart carrying a representation of Lord Shiva announces a ceremony to be held in an ashram on the festival day


Emilie Cremin along Narmada River at Omkara Mandhata

Om Shanti Mandiram

Honoring Tricolors of India and France (The Trinity)

by lovely loving OM blossoms gathered at 

Omkara Mandhata Mukti Dhama -- 

A Paradise for Pilgrims

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