Coin 1 - side 1

6 Rare Om Coins

OM Kara Coins

420BC Circa Om Coin of Saisunaga Period

Rare Billion Drachm struck at Omkara Mandhata Monestary

Ancient coins displaying the OM symbol, inscriptions that trace the evolution in the figure of OM. Many thanks to Dr. Dilip Rajgor, Mody Numismatic Museum & Institute, Mumbai, India for providing these wonder images of OM coins.  We have been blessed by his gracious offerings.  Dr. Rajgor has collected a number of coins, inscriptions where OM is inscribed throughout the centuries.  There is a theory that the Three-arched-Hill symbol found on Mauryan coins and antiquities is an earliest form of OM.  It is with great pride that we share these images of OM Kara coins and other ancient coins with various images of OM.

Ancient coins with images of OM

Modern coin with OM symbol

Uttama Chola Dynasty Coin

Various Ancient coins

Modern day Om coin of India


Coin 1 - side 2

Coin 2 - side 1

Coin 2 - side 2


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