This Jyotirlinga is located on the Narmada river on the sacred island of Omkareshvar, also spelled  Omkareshwar. The white dome of the temple is constructed of soft soap stone displaying intricate carvings on the upper portions and stone roof of the temple. Verandhas with columns which are carved in circles, polygons and squares encircle the shrine. The tower or Shirkhar was built in Nagara style and consists of 5 layers, each representing a different deity.



Omkaram --- Amalesvaram



Front Cover of Om Holy Book 5 by Dr. Murari Nagar

Swami Tej Anand

Temple Trust office

Holy pilgrimage to 1st Jyotirlinga at Omkareshvar


If you continue to walk up the stairs from either side of the main temple hall, you’ll arrive at the middle sanctum, referred to as Mahakalesvara.  This is considered the 1st floor of the Omkareshvar Jyotirlinga. 


The assembly hall or grand Sabha Mandap


The upper sanctum is on an open veranda with a Dome that is made of soft white stone, inside resides three temples.  Siddnath temple 3rd floor, Gupteshvar temple on 4th floor and the Dhvajeshvar temple on the 5th floor.

The main temple (excellent view provided from the bridge) has five levels, the middle and upper sanctums are visible from outside.  Each of the five levels (3 of which reside in the dome) has a different deity. 


Om Shanti Mandiram

A Dozen Dazzling Jyotirlingas

of Shiva Shankara Mahadeva

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