Photo Credits


Many devotees of OM have provided us with photos of this sacred island, Omkara Mandhata and surrounding area.  The collections has grown each year, a total beyond thousands and hopefully forever increasing.


It's with pleasure that we give credit where credit it do. 


Omkara Mandhata - temples and shrines

Linda Canestraight - University of Missouri - Columbia

Shri Komal Goswami - Indore, India 

R.P. Sharma - NYPhoto Video - Indore, India

Father Geo George Kannanayil - Indore, India

Emilie Cremin - Paris, France

Shri Ashish Dabral - Mumbai, India

Ramakant Nagar - Houston, Texas

Messrs Pal & Joshi - friends at Indore, India


Island satellite images were provided by Copyright (c) Space Imaging. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED". Obtained 2001


3D Satellite images courtesy of Nagpur Library, Nagpur, India.


Speciality Photographs of Grand Canyon provided by Mike Buchheit. These original photographs may not be commercially reproduced without prior written permission from Mike Buchheit.

Please visit his website at:


Ph. D candidate and teaching assistant in Geography

University of Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis University of Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint Denis
CNRS laboratory LADYSS CNRS laboratory LADYSS
CNRS laboratory Himalaya CNRS laboratory Himalayas


Her studies are the interactions between societies and the environment. Her interest in cultural diversity and biodiversity has led her to always combine my studies with field activities.

Ashish Dabral


Deputy Manager, Aditya Birla Financial Services Group. June 2008 – Present (5 years) Mumbai Area, India.


The Universal Gurukul

Father Geo George Kannanayil

An experienced moviemaker, director of Christaayan the world's first Hindi language musical about Jesus.

Ramakant Nagar


Received Bachelor of Journalism in 1974 from the University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri. Eldest son of Dr. Nagar.

Since 1975 Mr. Nagar has been involved in several publications for the Indo American Community. His second career is wedding photography and videography.

Please contact @ 281-561-8088 (USA)


Linda Canestraight

University of Missouri - Columbia

(retired 1-10-13)


Long time friend and supporter of Dr. Nagar and Sarla's work to preserve their Indian heritage.


Program Director and Webmaster for Omshanti Mandiram.


Om Shanti Mandiram

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