OM symbols in nature

The wonders of God blessing us with His presence


This is a real photo of OM Parvat on the Kailash Mansarovar route.  Snow falls each winter and resides on the mountain top in the shape of OM.   This ancient holy Hindu Himalayan mountain peak reaches 6191 meters, located near Sinla pass in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand, India. 

1st Satellite image of Omkara Mandhata island - the Om symbol is truely revealed at last

Om Valley neaer Bhopal has Om - another discovery from satellite imagery

Om beach at Titicaca Lake, Bolivia.  This lake is 3811 meters above sea level (~12000ft) and is the highest commercially navigable lake in the world.

Om Beach in Gokarna, Karnataka, India

This fresh papaya was cut open during my stay in Indore, India, 2003 by my host Komal Goswami's neighbor Dr. Badal, a retired Chemistry Professor.  To our amazement a perfect OM symbol was revealed.


God created this perfect OM symbol, nurturing it's growth months before my trip. Then the day came for it to be delivered to me, fresh off a street vender cart.  God's blessing appearred before our eyes.


Once again showing that OM is everywhere, God is everywhere

"OM" the last prayer of a dying leaf.  God's blessing even to a dying leaf revealed to us all.

Om symbol growing in bacteria culture

Flame of Fire reveals Om symbol

Rare Agate stone with perfect Om symbol

Om symbol embedded in stone

This is a rare specimen of a Rudraksha stone. This holy bead, favorite of Shiva Shankara Mahadeva, has a natural carving of the OM symbol on it.

Om Shape in Linga


Om in the clouds

Om in Aurora Borealis

Om in Space


Om appears in river flowing thru the Himalayas


Om in clouds at Sunset

Om Shanti Mandiram

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